Behbud Fashion Show 2018

Ten days ago, something beautiful and brilliant took place in Islamabad. Behbud revealed their Spring and Summer collection 2018 and it was a breath of fresh air while we tried not to melt in the torrid heat of the afternoon.

The show began with Nadia Mir heading the most endearing brigade of models ever! The tiniest, cutest models to teeter on the runway. Holding on to their dresses, they won our hearts in a jiffy. The ladies cheered for an encore and the little ladies made us beam once more.

Nadia Mir with little models
Nadia Mir with the little ladies
WhatsApp Image 2018-04-10 at 09.57.22
From frocks to ghararas, they were perfect in everything

Vaneeza Ahmed and her daughters came next, visions in white, reminding us that spring might charm us with colours but the refuge of white in summer shouldn’t be forgotten.

Vaneeza Ahmad with Daughters
White and light is the cheat code for summer!

I keep falling in love with Behbud over and over again. Because who says you need to be a supermodel to walk down the runway with your daughters and make a day of it?

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-10 at 10.11.04

I’m not going to ramble much here and show you some glimpses from the show. There’s so much more in the collection which isn’t shown here so do check out their website (if you aren’t in Isloo) for all the looks.

Ralli work on the shirt and the breeziest block printed shalwar
Perfect for summer!
Breeze through the season in a billowy skirt
The moment you realize this is all hand-embroidered
Packs a punch for the season
Do not ignore the details on the white pants!
The beauty of geometric patterns
I need this dupatta in my life!

Yellow seems to be colour of the season! Cheerful and bright.

Warda (2)ShezrayZoyinaShezray (2)

Asfa _ Katrina
Behbud is 51 years old but these capes wouldn’t reveal that!

The Behbud Fashion Show was held to honour the hands that hold the needle and the thread. I will never get tired of telling people how Behbud came into being with the intent to rehabilitate the widows and orphans of the 1965 war. For the past 51 years, women of Behbud have been tirelessly and selflessly working for the socio-economic empowerment of women and transforming them into strong pillars of not only their households but of society as well.

Meet the organizing committee that was behind the logistics and execution of the show!

Maria, Kishwar _ Riffat
Maria, Kishwer and Riffat (L to R)

Where the show started off with tiny princesses, the affair ended with queens of grace wearing the signature white embroidered dupattas of Behbud. Mrs. Abida Malik, the acting President of Behbud, is an inspiring lady bursting with warmth and energy. She’s been working tirelessly and passionately for Behbud for the past 25 years, and that dedication glimmers in the way she speaks about Behbud and her team.

Behbud Executives.jpg
Executive Committee, Behbud

Behbud might be 51 years old but one of the reasons it’s going so strong is how their clothes reflect the current fashion and trends. Be it a traditional kurta, a modern off-the-shoulder shirt, a chic hand-embroidered jacket or an ethnic shalwar, Behbud has something for every season, for every rhyme and reason.

Read more about them in my previous blog post.
Check out their entire collection here:



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  1. Beautiful Abida,has reminded me of the fashion show which I did for Behbood.Miss all this,If i knew this before hand,might have next time when u have these programmes,do let me know


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