Green tea, portion control, exercise – Holy trinity of the wedding season

Anybody who knows me can vouch for the amount of chai I drink in one day. If you meet me on a good day, you can gauge my chai love within a couple of hours. This one time I somehow found myself going to a gym and my instructor told me to download an app that would count my calories. The number of calories my chai stole from the daily quota led me to deleting the app.

Ignorance is bliss, right? But the seed had been planted. Black Tea might boast 0 calories but all that sugar and milk/tea whitener is weighing you down. I decided to reduce my sugar intake, and it seems like a small step but you have to keep my chai intake in mind as well. I used to have 1.5 teaspoons of sugar in one average, run of the mill teacup. Now I’m down to half a teaspoon! I think that’s a small victory I can be proud of.

Although cutting down on sugar is something that I have managed over a year, there are two other changes that are introduced into my life come every wedding season. I replace at least two cups of my regular tea with something else.

Winter makes you look at hot beverages in a new light!

So the morning tea goes out the window! *pause while I weep a river*

And I replace it with a very simple detox concoction of lemon and honey in warm water. It takes a week or so to get friendly with the taste, but once you’re in the inner circle, there’s no going back. No joke, I feel like my stomach feels so much lighter whenever I’m having this consistently. My digestive system feels great; no trouble of any sort. And hey, you didn’t consume khamokha ka doodh cheeni as part of morning doodhpatti.

honey and lemon
Shehd. Lemoon. Garam Pani. Simple. photo source: pinterest

With the arrival of wedding invites arrives the stress of looking a certain way. #judgementalauntieswhoignoretheirweighingscales

Three years ago when I was getting married, depending on the task list of the day, I’d either skip meals because a fight with the tailor was more important than sustenance, or I’d munch on junk food as soon as I would find time and a packet of chips or chewra lying around. But because my breakfast and evening meals were all over the place, the one constant in my life was lunch at office.

When I asked our office’s chai guy to replace my post lunch MUGGA of chai (meet him here) with green tea, he was a little taken aback but he complied. Other than the fact that you’re cutting down on a heap of calories, a cup of green tea doesn’t anchor you down the same way a mugga of chai would.

And that’s been my wedding season post-lunch beverage since…. the past three years.

A green tea a day keeps unwanted calories at bay.

I have to add, I don’t believe in magic but I know the power of portion control. I don’t believe in crash diets but I swear by cardio workouts.

And not those fancy gym workouts! Something that can be pulled off within the confines of my home. I don’t want to tell the world how ridiculous I look while doing jumping jacks! Pffft.

If you’re looking for something fun and doable, look up Shaun T’s workouts. He’s the girlfriend everyone needs – he’s encouraging, understanding and the perfect mix of coach and cheerleader! Trust me, looks impossible but is quite doable. If CIZE scares you, hunt down Hip Hop Abs.

If that’s too much movement and you want something more contained that even your mother can pull off, maybe choose a 5 mile walk with Leslie?

An additional suggestion that’s somewhere in between: Fitness Blender workouts. Go through their entire playlist because they are thorough and no-nonsense in their approach to workouts. They even have a calorie burner on the side that motivates you every time it rises by the mm.

Nothing comes easy. Except for judgement about other people. Working out is difficult; you need time and energy. And you have to sacrifice a piece of your heart when you’re reducing the amount of your serving. And it won’t feel any better with a cup of green tea in hand. But you know what does feel amazing? Slipping into your wedding outfit with ease!

As long as your health is not being compromised and you’re doing anything insane, toning down for a wedding is not a crime.  I am all for celebrating all body types, but health consciousness should not be confused for body shaming. And for that reason, I don’t resort to one third of a solution and take the easy way out. I believe in the holy trinity of green tea, portion control and exercise.


PS: I have personally tried all three workouts and I alternate between Fitness Blender and Shaun T’s hip hop abs.

PPS: This might be a sponsored post but I’m a HUGE advocate of the green tea, portion control and workout trinity.

4 Replies to “Green tea, portion control, exercise – Holy trinity of the wedding season”

  1. I love this. I remember.. a few years ago (read 10 years) i started drinking this honey water drink. For a week I did great and than I was strictly told not to cuz I had extreme diarrhea & weight loss ( good thing right). Khair fast fwd 10 years.. I’ve been back with the same routine..doing it for 3 months now.. and haven’t lost s single lb .. hud hogai. Is sai ek baat aagai samjh..our bodies do change after shaadi & kids and ohh hormonal changes too.
    I have cut down my sugar. And tea =(
    I have black tea & coffee.. without milk.

    Waiting for some magic to happen

    And hey you’re so fit.. you can actually go to gym. Mujh jaisay logo ko aati hai sharam.. why you Gul?


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