Devilish details of Jooti Shooti

Would you believe me if I told you that the last pair of khussas I bought was almost a year ago? I couldn’t believe the date and time stamps; Shoaib was in utter shock given my life revolves around not finding sizes in other footwear and coming back to khussas. Khussas never disappoint.

I have had my eye out on Jooti Shooti since they introduced the aqua khussas with watermelon slices on them. You know you’ve seen them somewhere or the other online; they were everywhere! Sad story short – couldn’t get me hands on them.

So desperately wanted this. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Days turned into weeks that melded into months and I remained jooti-less. And then boom! out of nowhere, the maharani khussas hit me like what I’m assuming falling in love feels like. I am a big fan of hand-painted khussas. My very first pair was from SNF and I was stunned by the amount of detail present. That was two years ago and I still cherish them. I’m probably never going to retire them. My children will inherit the leather with specks of paint but they aren’t going out in the bin ever!

snf 1
Still madly in love with them. Not sure about Bruno’s feelings.

I digress. Look at these khussas from Jooti Shooti  and marvel at the amount of detail!


Theeeeeeezzzz. ❤

When I wore this to work, I took this off my foot, placed it on the table and we both stared at it noting and admiring every little feature. She’s wearing pearl-laden zewar; she’s holding a flower with red painted nails; her dupatta is made out of net and not any other fabric. I can tell all that because the miniature is beautifully burdened with details artists only embed in murals.

Totally fascinated by every facet given I still struggle with stick figures



By the way, that joota-utaar-detail-dekho silliness, I did the same thing with the red peacock ones from SNF. There are four peacocks on them and they are identical. Talk about precision.

The other pair I ordered from Jooti Shooti is this fine example of fusion footwear.

When you look great multitasking

The evolved being appears to be the child of traditional khussay and denim sneakers. And no joke, Shoaib loves them more than I do.  For the first two days he kept annoying me with, “Woh walay kab pehnain gi?” He failed to understand I couldn’t just slip them on with any other outfit. I had to wear something minimal with them so that the sneaker khussas would be the hero of the outfit. Shoaib didn’t understand that.

Once again, just look at them. Aren’t they adorable? The detail in this pair is hidden in the gradient of the flowers and leaves.

Give me a good reason to not stare at these khussay

And both are ridiculously comfortable! If you get your size right, the comfort alone will make you love them. The evening that they arrived in my mail, I wore the sneaker ones, sat in my room and just watched TV to enjoy the coziness enveloping my feet.

For everybody reading this not contained by the borders of Pakistan, Jooti Shooti ships internationally! The second thing I did after wearing them (first being watching TV) was to reach out to my bainalaqwami girlfriends on whatsapp and tell them all about it.

I urge you all to check out Jooti Shooti. The simple leather khussas have transcended their humble existence and have turned into art. Great conversation starters too.

Jooti Shooti can be reached on Facebook here:

Check them out on Instagram as well; you might spot an excited boomerang of my face with the sneaker khussas in their gallery:

PS: I bought these khussas myself. I am not being paid to say this. The love and obsession is my own.

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