All aboard the tassel train!

Trendy Store is an online jewellery page with an eclectic inventory of earrings. I recently received a couple of earrings from them but before I get into talking about them, our story starts from a place of confusion and intrigue on my part.

I have never understood tassels on earrings. For me, they have always been something that look pretty on kurtay if done in the right amount in the right way. Also, I’m from Karachi and I fear the dust is going to destroy them.

I have witnessed in person a couple of ladies who have accessorized their look with tassels but they never elicited more than a “meh…” from me. Last year Accessorize came out with earrings and necklaces with neon mini tassels and I thought they were frikkin’ adorable! I wanted to own that necklace but the fear of dust settled in and I wasn’t going to spend that much money on something I couldn’t even put out to decorate with. What good was a pretty thing hibernating, wrapped up in pink paper and pushed to a corner in a drawer?

But then I saw this YouTuber wearing ombre tassel earrings with a plain shirt and neutral make up and bam! I was drawn towards them. Kinda like the moment you realize you have a crush on the nerdy classmate. (nobody? Only me? Ahem….moving on!) I went on Facebook and started scrolling through the very few pages I do know about in hopes of coming across something that will woo me. Found ikka dukka stuff but I decided to sleep on the decision.

And as fate would have it, a couple of hours later Trendy Store reached out to me. And guess what’s part of their inventory? Tassel earrings! The fact that this happened on the same day is almost cosmic. A couple of days later after the initial hi hello I got something in the mail and I was blown away by effort put into the wrapping.

It wasn’t even my birthday.

The first pair of tassel earrings is your minimal, basic hoops but slightly evolved. I REALLY ENJOY wearing them! I swear I’m not saying this because I got swayed by the glitter on the wrapping paper. I personally love wearing hoops and the threads on these don’t try to take centre stage like an overdramatic dur-ke-rishtedaar on your sister’s wedding.

Promise I wasn’t posing. This is an in-between shot, but since it hides my tired eyes, let’s go with it. Focus on the earrings waise bhi.
20171011_115136 copy
I feel a little bit cooler than I actually am when I wear them.

The second is a pair of dreamcatcher style earrings. I was afraid they were going to be too busy for casual earrings but their adorable size makes everything better. The cluster of tassels fit right in with the dreamcatcher vibe and they are quite cute to wear with a plain kurta.

[Heads up: Unedited selfies coming through. Mismatched lighting in unedited pictures is a forgivable offence but in edited pictures is just plain punishable.]

Wild earrings and jungli zulfain
20171011_114232 copy
Took an eyelash comb and straightened out all the threads. Note to self: Don’t get caught combing earrings next time. 

My favourite is this pair! The detail on these earrings is incredible. Super lightweight with one tiny tassel to bring everything together. I wore this to work yesterday. But then again, I’m a writer at a production house so I can wear “distracting jewelry” (and a cotton gharara because hey, it’s culturally appropriate).

Just look at the earrings. Nowhere else.

And this sweet mismatched pair got thrown in the theme of tassels because….. mere samandar, mere kinaray! Tell me how is this not the sweetest gesture ever?! Now I want a fancy day at the beach, sipping chai and letting my hair fight with the wind.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-11 at 14.12.27

The prices of Trendy Store are comparatively lower than other pages selling similar or same earrings. Like half the price, no joke! They also have hair accessories that I really like but knowing how hostile they are towards pins and clips, I’m going to stay away from them.

You can check them out here:

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