Jaan ke tukray from Horcux!

I stumbled upon The Horcrux a few months ago on Facebook. What made me stop was the name (of course!) and the clean, crisp photography. I had to double check whether this was a Pakistani page or not. I finally got around to ordering a couple of things from Horcrux, and I must have been feeling a little cuckoo, because almost everything is bird themed.

My favourite piece out of my order is the choker. It sits quite comfortably at the base of the neck; not too high like a belt around a totem pole. It is a string of bird pieces strung together on a wire. The birds tend to swivel on the wire quite a bit so you have to straighten them out every time you wear it, but that’s nothing. The amount of times I have untangled layered necklaces has conditioned me to be prepared for worse. It’s a weird observation but the weight of the necklace is… satisfying. It’s not as light as air that makes you question the quality; it lends credibility to the jewellery. Does anybody else think like that or am I alone in this?

Anybody else think of Mereen from GoT looking at the birds?

The ring set with the chain joint I love! I was a little apprehensive to order it because it’s not adjustable. But the circles went so well with the choker that I wanted them to unite in my world. Thankfully one of my fingers is slim enough to accommodate it. It slips a little on my ring and left index finger, but sits better on my middle finger. I’m waiting for someone to piss me off so I can present them with a bedazzled gesture.

We don’t have a decent picture of the earrings because Khawand got distracted by one of the many cats we’re fostering #truestory

Equally smitten with the earrings! I also appreciate how the tiny circles can make the earrings and the ring to appear they are part of the same family. And that’s what I like about their collection – different pieces can be worn together for a cohesive look. I am eagerly waiting for somebody to get married so I can try their belts over a saree with earrings to go with it.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-19 at 16.10.17
Snake hoops for Rs. 700, snake belt for Rs. 800 Feather earrings for Rs. 600, feather belt for Rs. 900 Paired up and done in Rs. 1500, wah!

I made a booboo and ended up ordering the feather hair pin instead of the birds-and-nest brooch. I wanted to order a lot more from them but had to rein myself in. I confused one thumbnail for another and ended up with a hair pin that is too tiny for my mane. I guess my niece will soon be getting a fancy hairpin for her one-inch locks.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-19 at 16.24.49
Bird of a feather

So now you know, they not only have the staples of accessories, but hairpins and brooches too.  And belts! I haven’t seen anyone else stock them in their collection.

Other than the design and aesthetic of the brand, I appreciate them mentioning the weight of the jewelry in information that they provide. It is most useful when thinking of buying earrings specially online. And have you looked at their price tags? So frikkin affordable. I was concerned that maybe the halka pricetag would be indicative of the halki quality as well, but I can gladly admit I was wrong. The pieces are solid and sturdy.

Easy on the eyes, easy on the pocket. What else do you want? With their minimalist chokers and elegant but quirky earrings, Horcrux is truly a jaan ka tukra.

You can visit their Facebook page here:


PS: The kangan in the featured image are not from Horcrux.
PPS: Evidence of Khawand being distracted
WhatsApp Image 2017-09-19 at 14.15.57
Meet Sheroo (background) and Shoaib (foreground)




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