Pakistani AF [tee update]

As we neared 14th August, I chanced upon a t-shirt ad on Facebook and it was love at first sight. I wasn’t a big fan of tees growing up because I thought it made me look like a boy. Growing up, I was all about the skirts, the frill, gota kinari waghaira.

When I saw this, I knew I had to have it. And when I saw the price tag, I wondered what was I waiting for. It was for Rs. 599. It added up to Rs. 750 with the delivery charges but I don’t think that’s a bad sum to pay at all. The shirt is from Fifth Avenue and I ordered it online from

I couldn’t wait for Independence Day when my order arrived. The only thing that put me off about the shirt was the absence of little F on the sleeve. I overlooked it because I wasn’t expecting anything out of this world in Rs 600. In all honesty, the product surpassed my expectations.


I wore this very proudly on 14th August, with all the badassery I could summon from the depths of my being, and enjoyed the air show held at Seaview. I had even planned from before that if a buzurg asked me what my t-shirt meant, I’d say Pakistani Air Force.

Shoaib Tariq Photography

Now that 6th September is a bunch of hours away and the desire to wear this shirt rekindles inside of me, I want to give an updated review on it.

I’ve worn this shirt twice – once for ten minutes for my husband to take my picture in it before 14th August, and the second time on Independence Day for around 6 to 8 hours. The logo on the inside of the shirt looks like this:

khaali jagah pur karain

I can honestly make peace with that because after watching loads of CSI and being a sensible person, I understand the sweat will affect the sticker somehow. I don’t really mind the letters fading away, even if it’s after one wear.  I am however worried about the P in Pakistani. Mind you, I have only worn this for half a day and the shirt hasn’t been laundered (yes, since 14’th August; don’t judge me!).

I can uniformly scratch all the letters and call it a new design?

I don’t want to be Akistani AF in the near future. I have a legit fear of throwing this in the machine and getting a product out that would only be fit for slumber wear. When the day is young and I’m content with my cup of tea, I philosophically think to myself: imperfections add character. I might have read that somewhere on the internet as well. In that light, the t-shirt doesn’t bother me; we can make it work. And every time I think about it and pout over it, I remind myself I paid Rs. 750 for it. I’ve seen bigger and better brands that ask for your limb and kidney as compensation disappoint.

To wrap it up, I still love this shirt. As the stencil erodes, it provides commentary on the progress of our nation. Let’s go with that.

If you have any ideas or hacks on how to salvage this, please share! My plan is to get a black marker and fill in the blanks.


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