Eidi is here!

Last weekend my mother smuggled me out of my office and took me to Dolmen to help her shop for my aunt who’s visiting us from Amreeka (hey, remember my cousins from Sunday Bizarre? Their mother.) We got her a couple of kurtas from here and there and unstitched suits from Khaadi (Shoaib does not approve of this). And amidst all that secondhand retail therapy, I did what every daughter would do near Eid – I chose my own outfit and told Waalda Majida to foot the bill. Because I am a grown-ass woman who earns, I do this badtameezi twice a year on Eids.

We stumbled into Nishat Linen because the formal wing of the store houses a couple of gems. You just have to look for them. And trust me to walk into a colourful store and find a white gharara with gota on the hem! It’s not that article of clothing that you fall back on for its great supporting cast vibe; it’s the kind that you want to construct an entire outfit around – unassuming with a satisfactory presence.

Gharara meets gota, Nishat Linen

Before we walked into Khaadi, we made a pitstop at Tarrz. Really cool prints, even better prices. While Waalda Majida was earnestly looking for kurtay for her sister, I went off-script and gravitated towards a collection of white chikan kurtay with gota. I behave like a sailor drawn to a siren’s call when I see white kurtay. #truestory

The peplum has alternating panels of white chikan and off-white self-print fabric. If this shirt and that NL gharara aren’t a match made in heaven, I don’t know what is (definitely not Jon and Dany). From the eight to ten choices, the one I made my mother buy for me as my Eidi was a peplum. No gota on this shirt, just a couple of golden buttons sitting sensibly by the neck.

Chikan and self peplum, Tarrz

Currently, Khawand and Waalda Majida want me to wear a rangeen dupatta with the outfit. But for some reason, the first visual that popped into my head was of a Batik dupatta my dad got for my mother from Malaysia some 20 years ago. Batik is textile art from Malaysia usually depicting flowers and leaves. I do believe batik art is hand-painted and not block-printed (do correct me if I’m wrong).

Malaysia ki soughaat

I shall be pulling out old khussay that my mother got me for my first Eid after shaadi. She bought these from a shop in Magna Mall (next to Millenium). Clearly our navigational skills are better than our memory; we remember the route to the shop but not its name. They have the best khussay in the building. No joke. Don’t even linger by the other places that only have ten designs, which are sometimes just plain horrendous! Call me a khussa-snob, kya karain.

For earrings, it’s a tough call between these charmers from Esfir or the humble dair-sau-rupay souvenir from Murree. Kid you not, I’m inclined towards the latter.

picture 2
Be kind and help me decide?

If you haven’t sorted out your Eid outfit, please do check out the white chikan and gota beauties at Tarrz. Buy it either way; those kurtay don’t need an occasion to make it to your wardrobe.


PS: Pictures taken by my phone; forgive the shoddiness.

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